Moms scramble as holiday toy sells three times its original price on Amazon


Sure, Santa Claus is coming to town — but he can’t afford to do all the gifting on his own.

So, when it comes to snagging the hottest toy of the season, the Cookeez Makery oven, moms like Danielle Evans launched a weeks-long hunt to find the $34.99 goody — which Grinch-like online resellers are hawking for upwards of $125.

Evans Mom of three from Dayton, Ohio

"I’m sorry I’m not tipping for take out. Dinning in and delivery absolutely tipping otherwise no."

Evans Mom of three from Dayton, Ohio

“It’s been sold out everywhere like at my local Walmart and Target and on Amazon people were selling it for three times the original cost — I’m not paying that!”

Unlike other snazzy playthings this holiday, such as the Star Wars Grogu plush or the 2023 Barbie pool party dream house, Cookeez Makery is an interactive toy which invites kids ages 5 and up to mix together magical ingredients that transform a lump of dough into a sweetly-scented stuffed animal after just 90 seconds of baking.

Once the timer chimes, indicating that the cooking process has been completed, shocked tots open the oven’s door to find their Do-It-Yourself plushy in the shape of either a puppy, bunny or kitten. Each snuggly creation is warm to the touch and makes adorable sounds during play.

Unsurprisingly, the faux cooking appliance immediately became a Christmas list staple for Evans’ two youngest daughters, Sadie, 7, and Harper, 8, who’ve pined over the popular item since first seeing it advertised on YouTube in late July.

And much like the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron craze of Christmas 2021, which viral saw moms and dads from the Upper East Side to Southern California scrambling to find the $69.99 mystic pot in stores and online, this year’s quest for Cookeez Makery is driving parents wild.

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