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How To Protect And Clear Your Energy

Knowing how to protect your energy and clear negativity from your energetic field is crucial in our fast paced, innerconnected world. 

In this article, we'll explore strategies for safeguarding and clearing your energy, empowering you to live a more balanced, positive, and resilient life.

Brush Stroke

Protecting Your Energy By Setting Boundaries

If you've developed a habit of people-pleasing, setting boundaries will feel uncomfortable at first. However, remember that creating healthy boundaries is an essential act of self-care. 

Stop Oversharing

Oversharing involves revealing too much personal information, emotions, or vulnerabilities to others without considering the potential consequences.

Performing protective and clearing rituals is a powerful way to remove negativity and cleanse your energy, space, and environment

Perform Energy Protection And Cleaning Rituals

Return To Sender

The act of "return to sender" should be one of self-care, respect, and compassion. It allows you to clear your energy of negativity while encouraging the other person to take responsibility for their actions

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