6 things customers should stop doing at McDonald's, according to employees


A quick bite to eat at McDonald’s is usually because you want a fuss-free feed that will keep everyone happy.

But according to some employees at the popular fast-food eatery, our quirks when ordering, making our way through the drive-thru, or cleaning up after ourselves can sometimes kill their McVibe. Here are 6 things to avoid doing at the golden arches.

One worker, who spent two years serving at a NSW McDonald’s, said the pickle hate was hands down the worst thing about working at the fast food joint.

Don’t throw your pickles around if you don’t want them!


Former McDonalds Employee

“They would throw pickles at the wall or on the table if they didn’t want them and then we’d have to clean up the mess. Just put them with your rubbish or order without it."

If you’re one of those who tidy up the table by putting all of the garbage in the tray to “help” the employees, you need to stop doing that.

Don’t stack the trays for us


Former McDonalds Employee

“It’s great that customers want to help keep the dining area clean, but stacking trays with leftover food and trash can make it harder for employees to clean up."

For the workers calling out your order number, this is a very irritating habit from customers because more often than not, they don’t actually hear the number called the first time, leaving the food to sit on the bench taking up space for future orders and confusing staff.

Going AWOL after you’ve ordered


“I’ll get a Big Mac with some McFries and some McNuggets with sweet and sour McSauce and a large McCoke thanks… “I would always be like, yes, yes, I’ve heard it before. So what do you actually want? It was never funny,” Emily, who worked at McDonald’s for a year in her late teens, said.

Making a McJoke


The workers get it when kids are indecisive, but what they can’t stand is when the adult in the car asks a million questions about what burger to have, or if a meal can come with other items, or why that discontinued burger is no longer available, or best of all why the soft serve machine is broken AGAIN?!

Taking your time at the drive-thru


Emily says another sneaky thing people would do is take advantage of McDonald’s policy of preparing a brand new order if something is wrong with the one they received.

Finding something mysteriously wrong with your order… AFTER you’ve eaten it


Emily Former McDonalds Worker

“I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but we were always made to make a brand new burger if it was cold or something was wrong with it."

Emily Former McDonalds Worker

“Almost every shift, I’d get some teen come up and say they found a hair in the burger… after they’d already eaten majority of it. They knew what they were doing. And so did we!”

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